What People Are Saying


  1. My 13-year-old daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed two performances of “Dear Miss Barrett.” It is intelligent, tender, and, at times, uproariously funny! Beyond merely a romantic comedy, it conveys the truest nature of love. The music brilliantly gives life to the nineteenth-century Browning’s love story and, alternately, that of the contemporary couple whose relationship challenges move the story along. “Dear Miss Barrett” is a lovely tapestry, woven of music, poetry, dialogue, humor, and authentic love. We are still singing several of the marvelous songs weeks later!


  2. Dear Miss Barret was a pleasure to watch, with deep emotional tones and a fantastic musical score. It was entertaining and enjoyable, funny and heartfelt. I hope to see it again with a bigger budget behind the music and extras. Broadway perhaps?


  3. Creative, clever, completely charming story. Delightful dialog, beautiful music. A definite winner!
    — Jane and Frank Kirchner (musicians, teachers, avid theatre fans)


  4. Transported the audience to Pisa, and even brought tears to some eyes. The music was moving and Crystal Kurek tremendous as the great poetess! Loved how Kurek brought the poems to life through the form of a musical.


  5. I was thrilled and exhilarated by this powerfully acted and beautifully scored deep dive into the story of forbidden love between two 19th century poets woven together with a modern-day tale of love inspired by the passion expressed in their poetry. The music and vocal talent alone will leave you wanting more! The dances were riveting and expertly executed. What a thoroughly enjoyable performance. Love conquers all!


  6. What a courageous original work that perfectly marries the contemporary with the victorian! The longing for love accompanied by the uncertainty while finding it are timeless themes that speak to all audiences, while the memorable tunes ensure you carry this show with you long after it ends.


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